Meet the Staff

We are very proud to work and live at Mellow Moods like a family…..

Here we introduce you to our family, you are welcome to be a part of it!


Masai Peter



My family named me Kayang, this is my original Masai name, but here everybody calls me Peter. I am from Tanga, close to the border with Kenya. I am proud of my heritage and ware my traditional clothing every day. I love to play card games and traditional bao game. Together with Maniboy I keep you safe in the night, with my furry friend Simba




Hi I am Said, I am from the village of Bwejuu. I know many people and families, this is how I got to work at Mellow Moods. I take care of our beautiful beach and garden and assist Nyota in any job needed. My specialty is making a good bonfire. Let’s do this one day, please bring on the marsh mellows…





My name is Janeth, I am taking care of all the rooms as a housekeeping. I like to make nice decorations out of fresh flowers from the garden. The best honey on Zanzibar is coming from my hometown Tabora, where my family still lives. Although I miss my family very much, I love to live here in Zanzibar.





My name is Bakari, but everybody call me Nyota, which means star in Kiswahili. I sm the maintenance here, I make sure everything is working fine. On my off time I live close to Stone town, where I take care of my wife and beautiful son. My favorite sunset spot is Michamvi, a nice beach where is plenty of space to play beach soccer. Come with us to a beautiful sunset trip….






Security is my department. All staff call me Maniboy. When all of you are sleeping, I make sure the garden is safe. Football is my favorite sport, playing and watching, specially Arsenal. Ask for our football in the bar and I will come and play. Nothing better than a nice swim in the ocean after a good beach soccer match….




Hi I am Samweli, I am the chef of Mellow Moods. Curry’s are my specialty. My job helps me to take care of my lovely wife and twins, who are living in the mainland of Tanzania. I am here since the opening and love to prepare food for you, even if it is something that is not on the menu. On not so busy days I like to beat Abdul with Keram board game. Are you ready to try my Curry’s?



My name is Fatma, mother of 6(!) and live in the village of Bwejuu. I work in the kitchen, preparing nice breakfast everyday. My specialty is local food. Please come and try chapati, kachumbari, green banana and so much more. I will make you wish you never have to leave our beautiful Zanzibar!




My name is Cinciare, working as a kitchen assistant, I am the youngest of the team, but learned very well how to prepare for you a nice seafood platter. This I like to do while listening to our traditional African music. Come and enjoy our good food and nice music!




I am Abdul, proud daddy of a 3 year old babygirl. For the last 5 years I have worked as a bartender to take care of my family. Come and challenge me with our traditional Keram board game, in combination with a “Abdul Special” cocktail. Maybe I let you even win!

Karibu Sana


Hi, I am Jacqueline, bartender at Mellow Moods, but everybody calls me Jacky. I am from Tanga Tanzania. I came to Zanzibar to work in hospitality because there is no opportunity in the mainland. You really need to try my Long island ice tea, they are “bomba”! Specially in combination with my favorite music from Burna Boy. Karibu!