What are the restrictions to travel to zanzibar?

What are the restrictions to travel to zanzibar, is it safe, do I need a covid-19 test, do I need to go in quarentine?

Habari gani, that’s what you will here everywhere in Zanzibar.

It means, whats the news? The people of Zanzibar will always ask you how you are doing, if you have any news.

Through this page we will try to keep you posted on all sort of news, restrictions and information when travel to Zanzibar. Nowadays there are so many questions about travel restrictions, visa inquiries, Covid-19, flights and so on….

Is Zanzibar still safe to travel? Yes! According to the Tanzanian and Zanzibar government, the cases of Covid-19 or Corona are very few. Here we see this with our own eyes, life goes on.

There are some travel restrictions to enter the country, but also they change during the period. Down we will post the latest information we’ve received by the government.

As on the island, life goes on, but for the local people it’s not easy, mainly the majority of the islanders live from tourism, which is now almost completely down. Also many young people from the mainland were searching for job opportunities, which now are no longer there. People struggle to get around, families are big and income is zero. But still nobody is complaining, they are missing the tourists, the conversations, the jobs itself.

Very slowly we see tourists coming back to the island, but its not enough to feed all. People start searching for other ways of income, fishing, farming. A way to survive, but no complaining…..

At the same time this situation is an eye opener. The island is more clean than ever, the beaches have less pollution. The excursion activities are not overcrowded, you have the small little islands completely for yourself. Prices of hotels, restaurants and activities are now very low, and the people still on the island, are so happy to welcome back all foreigners.

So please, if you ever had the plan to visit beautiful Zanzibar, now is the perfect time!!!  Karibuni….

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Information taken from the website of Tanzanian government:

Entry and Exit Requirements:

If your country or the airline that you are using, is asking for a negative testing for Covid-19, you will also have to present one on arrival in Tanzania or Zanzibar. This is for foreigners as well as returning residents. Travelers that are coming from countries where symptoms and signsrelated to covid-19 infection, will get a screening and may be tested on arrival.

Travelers should fill in a health surveillance before arriving and hand them over to the port health authorities once they arrive.

All people that live in Tanzania are adviced to avoid traveling to Covid-19 affected countries, when this is not needed.

In case of any medical emergency while you are in Tanzania, please call the health emergency number 199.

Ports of entry are screening incoming travelers by measuring temperature, if there is any doubt of a fever, a secondary examination will take place.

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