Why not to book your accommodation with the big booking sites

Why not to book your accommodation with the big booking sites.

Mellow Moods stops to work with big boys like booking.com, expedia, Hotels.com and others. Why? Simply because we don’t agree to their way of communication. This is not only to us, but mainly to our guests. Many times we hear the guest was unhappy when going through the payment system or in case of having special requests to the hotel. An employee of a big online travel agent (OTA) can not answer any specific questions about the hotel or it’s surroundings. They were probably never even on the island.

Many hotels really depend on the big OTA’s, because they need to be found on the world wide web. Mellow Moods decided to rather give a better discount direct to you as a guest, than paying a lot of commission to the agents, while the only thing they do is referring.

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To book direct to the hotel has a big advantage for you as a guest. You have the possibility to get answers straight out of first hand and even negotiate about the room types or price. There is no risk of miscommunication in your booking process, because there are only two parties involved, you and us. We have a clear overview of what is going on in our hotel and which rooms will fit to your needs.

It is even more safe to pay directly. You don’t have to provide your credit card details to a third party. There is nobody in the middle of your booking. No surprises, and in case of any details unclear, you know who to contact. Even in case the hotel is full, we have great contacts with our neighbors and friends on the island. We can always help you out to find your second best option.

Our flexibility is another advantage. When your room is not available on a booking site, there are mostly more options. Some of the rooms are not shown to you on the booking site. Usually not all of our rooms are presented on a third party’s site.

An extra service can easily be offered to you. Think of airport transfer, excursion options or any other touristic information you might need.

Long story short: booking direct to the hotel is always the best, cheapest and most personal option!

Please send us an email in case of any equerries.


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